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V Smile Baby
The VTech V.Smile Baby Infant Development System goes beyond passive developmental
videos with a breakthrough, interactive approach to learning. The colorful control panel fits
comfortably in your child's lap and connects wirelessly to a receiver that hooks right into your
TV. The signal works from 9 feet away no matter how high or low your baby holds it. The
V.Smile Baby Infant Development System works with Baby Smartridges. Each Smartridge
features 5 learning games with 10 different baby signs and teach important skills like colors,
numbers, sounds, animals, music and shapes.

* Includes activity panel, console receiver, and Learn & Discover Home Baby Smartridge
* Choose from three grow-with-me play modes
o Select the Play Time mode on the panel and watch your baby play with the colorful,
easy-to-press buttons while hearing fun, educational phrases
o Select the Watch & Learn mode and your baby can watch educational animations complete
with baby sign language
o As your baby grows, select the Learn & Explore mode where he can actually direct the play on
the screen by choosing the subjects he wants to explore
* V.Smile Baby even doubles as a car toy, so you can take the colorful panel with baby on the
road for fun on the go
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V Smile Baby

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