Kid's like to play and don't like to learn
Belle and Ariel
Belle and Ariel
Belle and Ariel
Princess and the
Princess and the
Princess and the
Ariel and Cinderella
Ariel and Cinderella
Princess and the Frog
Belle and Ariel
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Disney Fairy 1
Disney Fairy 2
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Tangled 1
Tangled 2
Tangled 3
Leap Frog
Console Include > Leapster L Max
Leapster L Max Disney Princess
Princess and the frog
Choose a dress and collect musical instruments to make Tiana's night at the ball magical.
Use your counting skills to measure the ingredients for a gumbo recipe. Hop to it, complete
addition and subtraction problems and guide Naveen to Princess Tiana's rescue.

Princess - Ariel and Cinderella
Join Ariel and Cinderella in this enchanted learning adventure! Play 5 fun-filled games that
teach more than 45 pre-kindergarten and kindergarten skills!

Princess - Belle and Ariel
Get swept away in adventures with Ariel and Belle as you help them collect treasures to
decorate their rooms! Choose the correct addition answer to earn shimmering gold rings for
your collection. Chip is setting the table. Give him a hand by matching letters with their sounds.

Join Rapunzel in a timeless adventure based on the Disney movie. Appropriate for children
ages 4 to 7 years (grades pre-K to 1)..

Disney Fairies
Immerse yourself in the magical world of Disney Fairies as you help Tinker Bell and her friends
collect Lost Things and rebuild toys for children on the Mainland.
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