The First Year
Kickin' Coaster
Product Features
Color: Green/Yellow

* 3 seats in 1 - playing, feeding, and sleeping
* 8 adjustable positions
* Twinkle lights
* Plays 6 songs in all
* Multi-level volume control

Happy Feet! Healthy Baby! This seat is the first of its kind and supports a baby's growth in the
first months of their life. The kick plate at the base of the seat creates a natural back-and-forth
glide exercise - ideal for a baby's developing motor skills, and uses a very natural motion for
baby (even at a very young age).

Other seats are passive but the Kickin' Coaster is designed to keep baby active with physical
activity along with engaging visuals and interactive lights and sounds. The seat also includes a
stationary setting, perfect for soothing a baby to sleep with vibrations and twinkling lights.

Promoting healthy development with its kick and glide action, the Kickin Coaster is ideal for
newborns and infants. With its soothing vibrations, playful songs and lights, the Kickin Coaster
provides fun, strengthening, educational playtime for baby!
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Kickin Coaster

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