Damage, part of item or totally loss to Toys or Books
We have not encountered any damaged or loss items. But we understance our
toys are not brand new toys,
reasonable wear and tear are accepted.

Theft of an item will require a Police report to be submitted by the Client to the

Is the responsibility of the Client.  The Client agrees to
phone the Company
within 24 hours of any damage or theft
of the hired item occurring.  

When you return the hired toys. Should a toy, however,
be damaged or loss
by the hirer
, the retail of the item will be borne by the hirer and the deposit
will burn off.
The toys we offer for rent are good quality.

The All our toys are specially cleaned with a 100% biodegradable. There
some wear and tear on the toys as they are not brand new toys. We do
however, request that toys are returned in a clean condition.
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