Why your deposit so much ?
Because our  are imported and expensive. And deposit was refundable.

My kids may damage to toys !
Natural wear and tear are acceptable.
We only can't accept like example:
> Throw form 10 floor apartment.
> baby Ride Walker but adult ride until walker spoil.
> Intentionally spoil like Smash with hammer and ....

I Wish To Buy with same rental price?
Sorry we unable to do that. This toy are imported expensive toys.

We rent not sell.

The All our toys are specially cleaned with a 100% biodegradable. There will some wear and tear on the toys as they are not
brand new toys. We do however, request that toys are returned in a clean condition.

Damage, part of item or totally loss to Toys
When you return the hired toys. Should a toy, however, be damaged or loss by the hirer, the retail of the item will be borne by the
hirer and the
deposit will burn off. The toys we offer for rent are good quality. We have not encountered any damaged or loss

Friendly tips :
Reasonable wear & tear is acceptable
> You may find the same original product for replacement at our major toys store.
> If the product still can find in the market, we will follow the market price and reduct from deposit.

Balance Payment Return
After we received back the goods the payment return 2 option:
  1. Refund balance Bank in.
  2. Cheque.
Note : RM1.00 Per return balance payment charge fee.
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